Welcome to Rachel’s Red Barn

At Rachel’s Red Barn we don’t just bake cookies. We bake the most amazing, tender cookies with a slightly crisp edge, chewy center and an awesome taste we are sure you have never experienced before. Rachel’s Red Barn cookies are mixed from the freshest, most wholesome ingredients and are baked fresh for each order. No preservatives or pre-made dough here. Our recipes come right from Grandma’s kitchen where they were taped inside the cabinet and perfected lovingly over the years.

Our Rachel’s Red Barn cookies are made in a large country kitchen in the Midwest. Deer graze in the yard at dusk, our cattle are pastured near by and we attend the little white church down the road. It is a wonderful atmosphere and we look forward to sharing our wonderful cookies with you.

Say Thank You with Fresh Baked Cookies!
The business climate is more competitive than ever and it is so important to let your customers know how much you appreciate their business and make them feel like they are a part of your company. Our delicious and homemade cookies are the perfect way to send an impressive, personal Thank You gift to your valued customers. Perfect for Customer Gifts, Loyalty Programs, and Company Parties.

We’ll do all the work for you! Send us your list of names and addresses and we will do the baking, packaging and mailing to ensure delivery of the freshest baked product.

Ready to order your next batch of Rachel’s Red Barn cookies?
Call 217-712-0230 or email us at contact@rachelsredbarn.com.