At Rachel’s Red Barn, we have a great selection of cookie flavors available to order. We are sure that even the pickiest eaters will find a flavor they will enjoy! Our recipes come straight from Grandma’s kitchen, from traditional chocolate chip, to our popular Ranger cookie flavor.

Our cookies are known for their slightly crisp edge, chewy center and amazing homemade taste. At Rachel’s Red Barn, all of our cookies are mixed from the freshest, most wholesome ingredients, and baked fresh for each order. No preservatives or pre-made dough ever!

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Our creamy white chocolate chunks, added with the fresh crunch of quality macadamia pieces in our classic dough is the ultimate mixture.

Chocolate Mint
Made from a high quality, smooth, dark chocolate, we add in just the right amount of mint to make your mouth explode with freshness.

A soft chewy center with slightly crisp edges in a blanket of cinnamon and sugar mix, has created the ultimate in snickerdoodle cookies.

Chocolate Chip
The unique combination of milk chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips and the finest quality ingredients makes this a melt in your mouth favorite.

Raisin Pecan
Plump, juicy raisins marry with fresh pecans for a textural experience you don’t find in your ordinary cookie.

This cookie is made with superior quality toffee bits for that perfect balance of crunch, chewiness and flavor that make you close your eyes and savor.

Apple Cinnamon
Apple cinnamon is a heartwarming taste that comes from chunks of real apple and premium ground cinnamon. They are the perfect end to any meal.

Our lemon cookie is such a sunny fresh taste. We add the lemon zest and juice for that burst of sunshine flavor.

Peanut Butter
We love peanut butter, and were not afraid to use it. With the crunch of peanuts and chewiness of a perfectly baked center, this cookie is close to heaven.

Remember that chewy coconut with a slight crunch of toasted almond cookie Grandma used to make? This cookie brings back fond memories.